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I sat in silence for half an hour contemplating what I’d just experienced while the main menu music played in the background – Sean Davies, Finger Guns


Able to transform a personal and complex experience into something universal. – Andrea Peduzzi, IGN [in Italian]


"Deals with things so human and common and yet so absent in traditional videogame mechanics: like love, sex, and idealization. – Claudio Cugliandro, EveryEye [in Italian]

A visual novel about an abusive relationship, idealization, and intimacy.

Live a summer of dysfunctional love through branching storylines, twists, sudden changes, and a special mechanic where you choose which senses to use with your boyfriend. In these moments, you will learn about him, his personality, and his past, making you question everything.

Milky Way Prince is a semi-autobiographical story entirely designed, programmed, illustrated, and scored by a young author, Lorenzo Redaelli.